Writing a book on romance?

I'm starting to write a book on romance, love, attraction, seduction but what's different about this book is that it is actually true and has nothing to do with cheesy lines & is more geared towards being the best you to get the girl.

in my book I cover what ALL WOMEN WANT FROM A MAN which is 3 simple things: to be loved, to be listened to, and to have their feelings understood by their man. I will include explanations about how to find the one, be the one, what is marriage, what is divorce, how to properly pursue a woman, & how to love her. how to text, how to write, & how to E-date.

I've come up with this book to help men get the woman they've always dreamed of and being that man that women deserve.

what do you think I should Include?


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  • Will you include things for gay couples? I think that should be part of it. Too many romance books focus on straight couples, and do not take into consideration that gay people might want help, too. That is one thing that would help your book truly stand out.

    • Woww! I agree 100% what an eye opener. Sure I'd love to include a section on this as well or a volume. like writing a series of books. Thank you so much! anything else you'd like to add?

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    • hahahaha yeah I think the whole movie date is really funny. to be honest it's not a bad idea to go to the movies but a date is to get to know the girl. and if you can't listen to her & give her your full attention then why are you out with her in the first place? a movie date is best when you're already dating.

    • Someone gets it!

  • Omg plzzzz send me some clips of ur book if u can at donut_lover122 on KIK im 13 years old and I'm writing my own romance book and I would really like to read some parts of other people's work:) I promise I won't use anything If u decide to send me a few clips 😃

    • hahah sure I don't mind. I just haven't published nor printed it & don't have a KIK. if you want you can send me a private message about topics or areas of it & I will be more than happy to elaborate. :)

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