Busy, rubberbanding, or just not interested?

I've read and watched the videos on the MarsVenus site and for the most part, I understand what John and Lauren are saying as far as a man getting busy and the woman in their life going on the backburner. I was dating a guy for a month and a half. We went on 5 great dates, no issues at all. We were initimate twice. We've now gotten to the point that he doesn't contact me at all anymore. However, if I reach out to him, he will answer my texts, as long as they are not about spending time together. I have not seen him in 3 weeks and when I ask him about seeing each other, I get no response to that text. I'm now confused about what to think. He's friendly just the same in response to my texts about other subjects, but he has made no mention of getting together again. He has mentioned in the last couple of weeks that he's been busy with work and a training class but my issue is, he works 5 days a week, off on weekends, so I'm not really sure why he's not initiating us getting together again. I tried to wait him out and see how long it will take him to initiate contact, but still nothing. It's been a week since I last contacted him. Caving, Rubberbanding, or just not interested?


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  • I think all signs point to the fact that he's just not that interested in seeing you again. sorry :(