Does he ever come forward and ask me out?

I have a crush on a Swedish guy at school , we know each other for a while and he likes me back to but we are not friends , he is a typical swedish , shy and reserved and i wonder how many years does it take for him to step forward to more serious relationship , I learned that he doesn`t want me to push him therefore i don`t know if i should move on or wait for him to do something


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  • you do know that swedish is the language right? lol but sounds to me like its just a crush. you know you have known each other for a while, you say he likes you back, but you aren't friends? so what are you then? classmates? and what do you know about his dating background?

    side note to self: people still have crushes at 30-35?

    • we are classmates
      I just turned 30 and yes , we can have crush

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    • well , actually they are , I know that he `s reserved I know his age and most importantly he is single

    • well.. all shapes, sizes and kinds... maybe I'm confusing the with russians... mmmm... russian girls lol
      I think you should get your flirt on then, not too obvious.. just obvious enough. if you want to go with the "he doesn't want me to push him statement" then i say move on. i say that because as humans, we tend to be attracted to the unattainable.

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