How should I approach this girl?

So I see this girl occasionally and we work at the same office building. What would be a good way to approach and talk to her? I find it extemely difficult because everyone just walking around going by their business.

Any suggestions?


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  • Find an excuse to talk to her like a question about something. Guys use this on me all the time to talk to me when its not in a bar. If she acts friendly when responding to the question go ahead and carry on the conversation a little and pay attention to if she is smiling a lot and if it seems like she enjoys talking to you. I had a guy at the gym I go to come up to me asking where I got my tattoo and I showed that I enjoyed talking to him so he started approaching me more often and we started dating. So just find something to casually ask her about whether it be a question about the office (Not sure what type you work in) Make sure you are near her when you approach her and don't make it obvious by walking across the office just to talk to her. Or you could ask her about where she purchased something and say you are thinking of buying something like that. You can start complimenting her outfits or hair style after you decide if she is friendly or not toward you.

    • haha yea. the most difficult part is we just work in the same building, not even in the same floor or office. Great advice though.

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