What could I do on a second date?

Okay so I asked this girl out to go on another date with me this Monday (she has to work in the weekend). We are both 19 and on our first date we watched a movie at my house, for a second date I would like to take her somewhere.. Ideally it would be going to the movies and drinking something before or after, but the movies that are currently playing are movies we both don't like. I don't want to take her out to dinner because I'm feeling I don't know her to we'll for that yet, I don't want to take that big step as a second date if you know what I mean.

Maybe you guys have a suggestion where I could take her of what we could do?


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  • Do something besides movies and dinner.. so boring and clique... me and my boyfriend usually go to his house and watch movies or tv.. but we had a "date night" and i found fun stuff to do in our area. plus this gives you more ways to connect then staying quite watching a movie.

    • Hm yeah but we already watched a movie at my house together and I'd like to take her somewhere so she knows I'm serious and not just "trying to get in her pants". I don't know her that well so a movie at my or her place wouldn't be ideal.

    • try finding something to do in the area.. maybe a walk down town and go to a restaurant you've both never been to before. be creative

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