What is more than cuddling, but not sex?

I'm 18 and my gf is 16 and the most intimate thing we've done is cuddle. I talked with her and we both want to do something more, but we don't know what and we're both not ready for sex. Any ideas?


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  • This question is kind of like asking "what is more than a dollar, but not the lottery?" There's lots of stuff in between!

    I think it's fairly normal for a girl her age to not like making out yet. At 16, I was just warming up to the idea and I was completely comfortable with it by the time I was 18. My best friend, on the other hand, is 22 and still thinks the idea is gross, haha. Every girl is different.

    So my suggestion is maybe to try just kissing with no tongue. Start out slow and as you relax, you can kiss her neck and ears and maybe her chest if she's okay with it. It's a good starting point for the bigger stuff to come.

    Alternatively, you can just ask her what she wants to do. If she agrees that she wants to do something more, maybe she has something in mind already.

  • I would say some heavy duty grinding is in order, and can sometimes even be hotter than the actual sex act itself.

  • Kissing.
    Kissing anything above the waist.
    Mutual masturbation.
    Dry Humping.
    Watching p*rn together/reading dirty novels together.


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  • Mskeout session on the bed, full tounge, clothes on.

    • She (strangely) doesn't like making out, but thanks

    • :/ I don't know what to say then man, a girl that doesn't like making out is a bit odd to me.

  • spooning and humping