Did this date go well? Second date questions!

I went on a date Tuesday. It went well (I think?), we had drinks for about 2 hours and talked almost the entire time - it went by pretty quick.

At the end of the date I said I had a good time and would be gone this weekend, she said "Your the guy you should set something up" (or something along those lines).. So I text her yesterday, "How was your day?" ... no response... Then I said "Thanks for coming out! I loved your personality. Look forward to it again" about an hour later... All she responds is "I had a fun time too!"... how do you read into this?

Is it acceptable to call on Sunday and try to set something up for perhaps a walk around town and dinner on Wednesday next week... is that bad? She mentioned her favorite resaturant..

Also, girls/guys is this kiss thing overrate or should it be happening by date 2? I know you don't want to force it, but I was sick on the first date and feel like there should be something to take it to the next level by second date.



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  • Constant conversation is a great thing but no guarantee that the conversation will always last.

    A call is pretty direct. I would try that and see if you can go out a third time. If she really doesn't seem into it, don't force it, and move on. There are lots of fish in the sea. Her lack of communication with you since the date would worry me.

    And yes, don't force a kiss, but by the third date something physical should be available if both parties are willing and interested. A kiss or more...