Does she like and love me the way I do for her? and why can't I trust her?

i met my gf 6 months ago and when we first saw eachother it was magic she was the most beautiful thing i have seen and not a snob or arrogant as other girls with her beauty would be. the first 3 weeks we talked almost 8 hours a day (i study in a uni far from her and im from jordn wich is kind of a strict society; not that much)
we went out and talked and laughed, but then things started to go downward from there. she wouldn't call back or said she forgot or not text or call me a day later, now any guy would tell her to break up if she wanted to, and thats what i did. i gave her many opportunities and she didn't and while ago she made me mad so i didn't call her or answer her messages and she called my brother and cousins begging them to help her with me and at that point im ike ok she wants me, but then we get back to the same non-sense; she dosnt call nor text unless i start, she dosnt tell me where she went or what ever is new. sometimes it feels like we dont even know each other.
i get so many feelings in my gut, i want to break up but im scared that i will regret it for the rest of my life, i want to trust her but i can't, i want her to say i love me but why should she when i already said it and make her feel like a big deal always, only when i dont call or answer does she start to say feelings and all. i admitt im to clingy and jealous, but its my right. she dosnt tell me anything to make me think otherwise.
but when i put my head to sleep i can't think of my life without her and i know she can't either, we both care and dont want to loose each other, But at the end i feel like im giving her all my time and thought and i hate it and i think the only way to get bak to my norml life is to let go of her even though i love what im feeling and hate it at the same time (its like a new spice to my life)
what do i do? do i play hard to get or do i not call or ask unless she does and try that tactic for a while?

i feel like she's an angel and loves me and others that she's the devil.
where does she go i dont know and i wish i could find one bad thing or catch her doing something that will make me right and get me out of my misery. and that needs time
i can't bare it and the only way to know is if i wait, but i cant. im dying trying to convince myself that


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  • 1 word - women!


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  • I think many problems in a relationship make a relationship ends because the problems are never confronted. I think you should go meet her and tell her how you feel. It will makes things clearer. And it's easier to judge whether you can trust her or not after you get her reaction to your 'problem'. :) Goodluck! I wish you the best

  • break up with her when someone love someone else he will check on him, call him, answer his calls and text not completely forget him if she did really love you she wouldn't play hard to get with you break up and move on don't make her control your life in the end you are a human too..

    • she does call back and text but it takes her a while and im an impatient guy, thats my problem, and i act like I'm tough and as though her doing that dosnt bother me

    • @Asker you are giving her excuses... stop doing that and get control geez no girl love a guy who follow his feelings --"

  • Break up with her and find somebody else. If you stay the pain will just get worse as time goes on.

    • but its not always pain. and its confusing and weird.

    • break up with her. She is not trustworthy and might even be cheating on you.

    • im afraid im making the problem. i could just not give a fuck and get my way but i dont want to. its like when i picture her as a nice girl; she's the mother of my kids. but when i dont see her for a while my demons start dancing and ohhh can they dance and mess with my head. i put myself in stupid situations with her, and despise myself later.

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