People who'd rather not broaden their horizons when it comes to dating?

I don't feel bad for people who'd rather stick to dating a certain type of person and are always complaining about not getting a date or a bf/gf or whatever. There are so many different people out there. Why give yourself limits and them complain about them? I don't feel bad for these people at all. Can anyone relate or am I just crazy?

What I mean is some people won't broaden their horizons when it comes to race


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  • i think its ok to have high standards, expectations, preferences, i mean you can be the most superficial person in the world, but shut up i agree dont wine about it. Also it is wrong to date people and use people while waiting for the "right" one to come along.

    Or they may never and maybe whoever is not as hot/or have enough going for them as they thought they did and their "expectation" in a mate is actually way out of their own limits. I see this a lot not sure why people overvalue themselves but they sure do. Take a long hard look in the mirror and do a self evaluation, then judge others.


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  • I have high standards and a fairly specific type. I don't complain about it. I know the natural consequence is FEWER possible candidates.

    I don't understand people who can just date whoever. Gross.


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  • well i have criteria/standards whatever you want to call them about the men i date. if they don't match what i want, then i don't date them. its going to be my fault if i can't find a guy so i shouldn't be complaining.

    sounds like the people you know should readjust what they're looking for if they're that unhappy.

    • Basically speaking in terms of their background race wise