Ever been used to get back at an ex?

Have you ever been used to get back at an ex when you dated someone? If so, how did it happen?

It hasn't happened directly in front of the ex but it was basically hinted and implied that it would in case me and the girl were by her ex. This girl didn't complain about her ex until I mentioned what high school I went to and then a week later when I was choosing a place for our date, she said I don't wanna run into my ex if we go there and I said yeah that'd be awkward. She then said no, I'll just tell him I'm with a cooler guy now. I just went along with it because I didn't feel like starting any arguments because we hadn't met in person yet. She then said you should make fun of him for his babydick. Now she's dating the same said ex again.

It's bad enough that she was complaining about the ex but asking me to make fun of her ex for his "babydick" is just very rude. That'd be like me telling her to make fun of my ex for having a flat chest.


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  • Your phrasing is quite confusing. had to read that twice. so you DID go to the place that she was bound to run into her ex? if yes, then yea buddy, you were just a tool to get him jealous before she tried to get him back. It sucks to be on the receiving end of that tho. I learned to be able to tell. Its usually when they can't stop yammering bad things about their ex constantly. I know I'm being used, but i know the clock is ticking so i get as much out of her as possible before the inevitable :)
    when it does... i walk away with a smile on.

    • I ended up using her "make fun of my ex for his baby dick" comment against her when she announced she was getting back with her ex on Facebook. She called me a jealous asshole and told me to be a real man. The irony was too thick. I then said we'll I'm more real then a person who uses someone to get back at her ex. She said nothing after that.

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    • Yeah that's the thing. Despite knowing the girl was newly single, I didn't think much of it and didn't know what a rebound was. I wanted a relationship and not just a hook up and getting attached was a huge mistake.

    • ever heard of the saying "nice guys finish last"? its no joke... its true.. cuz when all the jerks are done... the nice guy gets the girl...(I've gotta write an article on that)
      look you are in my situation... nice guy.. asshole girl..
      message me, we gotta talk

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  • she sounds dumb

    • Yeah. This girl was a hypocrite too. She told me how she's glad I'm not one of those guys who sends dick pics, messages for sex right away since we met off pod then she sent me nudes a few days later.

  • Yes I have before
    He gave me a necklace to make my friend an ex jealous

    • Wait so a guy you dated, wanted you to make your ex jealous?

    • I never dated him

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