My date didn't flush?

The second date in, she had dinner at my place and we ended up playing cards and watching a movie.

She had to go to the bathroom some time during the movie so I didn't think anything of it (if anything maybe she wanted the TV noise to overpower the peeing noise?).

Anyway after the movie was over she left, nothing unusual, she said for me to call her tomorrow after I get off work.

Then I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and there is nothing but two pieces of crap floating in the toilet. Is it common for girls not to wipe or flush? Was she practicing some sort of water-saving thing (there is a drought right now in southern California). Or was this a hidden message of some kind?

Should I bring this up when I see her again? Do you think this would embarrass her? I would appreciate people to flush after all, and there was nothing wrong with the plumbing...


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  • DON'T mention it. Not until you've been married for at LEAST 5 years.

    Mistakes happen. I bet she forgot. That is a thing that happens. And yes, girls flush and wipe. Maybe your toilet wasn't very strong and they came back? Maybe she forgot. I wouldn't judge her for it until she does it again. But maybe not in the same toilet 'cause that could be a genuine plumbing issue.


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  • OK she just forgot or you got a little back flush. Shit happens! XDD

  • They may have resurfaced after the flush.
    This explains the lack of toilet paper and the two floaters.

    Two flush system... one for the main, two for the remainder.

  • Just let it go for now sometimes when people flush some stays behind like toilet paper too I don't think any girl would just do it on purpose specially if its around first dates

  • That is nasty. This is why I highly don't recommend that people go on a second date or any date early in the stages of dating at each others houses

  • It's a hidden message. Sometimes, the female will urinate or dedicate in a small area of the males household. This not only marks her territory to and wards of other females, but she can also follow the scent to ensure she is able to find her way back to the males den in future.

    • Give a dog a bone, leave a dog alone, let a dog roam and she'll find her way home

    There's a chance she forgot. (too preoccupied with the horror of having to poop at someone's house, too preoccupied with her makeup, etc)
    There's a chance it just didn't flush right.

    And as for the no TP, maybe she's the type that carries around wet wipes.

  • Whatever you do, DON'T bring it up. Don't bother telling her. I agree with the other gals that it was probably an accident. She probs forgot. Don't mind it. Unless this happens AGAIN! Then there might be something going on


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