I like him a lot, and I think he really likes me too, but please tell me how it sounds?

So things ended really badly with us like last November because we wanted different things, but then months later he started relentlessly calling and texting (I mean not a ton, but like 5 times). I didn't answer, but I finally gave in and did. We have started seeing each other again and it's been great, but the whole relationship thing still makes him flip out. if I threaten him about not seeing him ever again or talking to him he reacts, but I don't know how to get him to move this relationship in a progressive direction. He just stared at me the other night and said things like "you really are just so beautiful" and we didn't even have sex. he always picks me up and drops me off, asks me how my family is, how my friends are. he acts very much into me, but whenever we say good bye he says things like "I'll talk to you later" or "I'll see you later." and i hate that. I just want him to be able to tell me something like "I'll call you tomorrow" or something. I've never asked him out right to do that, but I just wished he would do it on his own. I don't know why he keeps the distance he does because he always wants to hang out with me, and do whatever it is I want to do or am comfortable with doing. I have met his close friends, they are very nice guys. He does have a very very busy work schedule that changes pretty much every week (relatively successful musician in a band) so I feel like maybe that's why, and also the fact that he has only ever been in one other relationship that went on way past its due date I think. He loves to hold my hand, just hold me in general, and talk to me about real things, he makes me feel respected for my intelligence. basically, I love being around him and I think I love him, but how does he feel about me?

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can this progress?
if he doesn't want to lose me, then how could he not want to be with me? I feel like we basically do everything a couple does, just not as much of it. this is the 3rd time he's come back to me, I just don't know why he would if he saw no future


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  • You have ask him more questions, be direct with him. No point in keeping ur doubts to urself. Tell him you want to discuss things with him, and see how he reacts. Coz without proper communication, relationships are very fragile.

    • I think he knows we have to have that "talk" I brought it up the other night and he jokingly pretended not to know what I was talking about, but when I told him the same bad things would happen if we didn't have the talk he said that yes he does know we have to have that talk, so that's good I guess?

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    • thank you so much for all of your advice, I think it is all words of wisdom that I can definitely use.

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  • If he's successful in a band, he likes you but not enough to give up being free to hookup with groupies if he wants to. He does like you and he clearly treats you well, which is great. But the best you can do for yourself is not to invest to much in him right now and to see other people as well as him. Make him one of many, so that you're not pushing for a relationship. Because he doesn't want that right now. If you need that, then you're barking up the wrong tree for the time being

    • I mean it's kind of unfair to assume he's hooking up with groupies, I kind of doubt that's the case. does he sound like he likes me enough to come around? he was pretty desperate to get me back over the summer.

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    • since we started seeing each other again he has not said that he specifically does not want a relationship, he has danced around the word entirely when we got into a fight about what we were and when he got all scared and sad when I threatened to never talk again. the conversation ended with me saying do you want me to contact you and we can talk about this another time and he said yes I want you to call me so we can talk about it another time. I told him i really cared about him, he told me the same, I told him I had missed him, and he told me he had missed me too and thats why he had been calling all summer.

    • 1. Don't threaten him. It's manipulation.
      2. Tell him what you need in order for you to stay with him.

      If he gives you what you need. Then that's awesome. If he doesn't, then leave. You have to be prepared to do that, because your needs aren't being met and that causes a rift on whatever your relationship is.
      I'm not saying breakup and don't talk to him forever. I'm saying, if he can't give you what you need. Then leave him so you can find someone who can give you what you need. And stop talking to him for a while, so the emotions can calm down. You don't want to have a situations where you are always wanting more with him than you can have.

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  • He likes you but not in the way you want him to

    • so you think he doesn't want to be with me? can you tell me why?

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    • I do think he cares about you but wants things to move slow maybe his lack of experience or our relationship with him in November kind of made him realize that he doesn't want to mess things up and is taking his time to make everything right and more memorable. If you really want him to be more serious or want to take the next step to our relationship tell him how you feel

    • ok, I will, thank you. I mean we have both expressed caring and missing the other one, that implies feelings right?

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