Anyone here have retroactive jealousy? Especially if your bf or gf is your first?

So yeah I'm in this situation, he's my first but I'm his 4th and it sucks to think about him enjoying things like hugging and kissing other girls before me. He's the best but this thing is bothering me to the max. Anyone out there who is in the same boat as me? How do you cope with it?


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  • My wife was a virgin but readily admits she had quite a number of boyfriends and a number of intensive make out evenings with other guys before meeting me.

    It never troubled me. I don't want to know their names (I probably knew the guys) nor do I want to know what they did. No jealousy at all. Maybe envy: I could have been one of them...

  • Does he love you? And does he always bring up his sexual history when he talks to you?


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