My girlfriend choose to remain with her old boyfriend because she can't date two men?

i served my country as à soldier for 5 years and i quit the job and changed country of residence (cote d'ivoire). I stays with my aunty, (my mother's' younger sister) we live upstairs, every time i look out through the window, i always see à girl at à mini book shop, over one month now, looking through the windows became my daily activities because of the girl. She found out that i was looking at her, she smiles all times i wave my hand to say "hi". cote d'ivoire is à french speaking country colonised by france, and i'm new in cote d'ivoire, my french is not yet perfect like others, so i manage to speak as little as i can... I cannot walk down to the girl because her mother is always beside her, so i wrote my mobile number and my name on à piece of paper and sent my kid sister to give it to her, my kid sister played à smart game and gave her the piece of paper, i was still at the windows, i saw how happy she was when she received my message... Three hours later, she called me o say "hi"., and we began to talk like friends... She told me she has à boyfriend that she wants me like an elder brother, it doesn't make sence at all, i said to her how much i love her, she always laugh, laughing is her hubby, she finally accepted me as her second boyfriend, we only had wet kisses to the extent that wet my trousers every time i'm kissing her, she don't wann have sex with me untill my birthday, and my birthday is 6months ahead, (... shit) i became jealous of the other guy who don't even know me, she became confused of the whole relationship and descided to quit me and focus on the other guy, i almost fall off the building because of her, just to prove that i want her badly in my life, please everyone, i'm confused, should i beg her for à discreet relationship if she may accept?


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  • Don't beg, its not manly , grow a pair of balls and move on, or wait for her to break up (probably won't happen for a while). stop being freaking submissive and man the hell up, they're other women in this world. I'd you came second, you'll always be thought of last.

    • Thank you brother... It's no esy to move on but i'l try to move on, there are many fishes in the river... If there is à key, there must be a door

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