He flirts with other girls?

ok so this guy flirts with me/ stares at me in class.. he likes me and i liked him before he liked me.. there are tons of other girls who like him because he's hot and the other girls are hot so my crush flirts with the other girls and me.. he is single. I don't know how he is thinking he is going to get a girlfriend like this cuz he decides to flirt with girls for example me.. he fucking said ily and then goes to other girls and say they're hot and then let's say the other girl asked him out.. what does he do cuz if he says yet that is a total dick move to me and i'm so scared that's what he's going to do but idk.. i need advice on what to do.


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  • Sounds like you know what to do. It IS a total dick move, what he's doing.
    he's cute, and it sounds like there is chemistry, but you can't be with a guy like that.


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  • If he is as HOT as you say... he is used to getting attention from girls and flirts because he can.
    He is also single cause he can be. He can get what he wants without getting committed. Don't let yourself fall for a players game. He will use your jelousy of other girls to keep you interested, knowing that females compete with each other. This is why he will tell one girl about the other girls. It gets girls to compete for him.

    Think about this... If every other female thought he was gross and you constantly heard people talking badly about him... would you still want him? or do you want him because everyone else does?