Should I take my coworker on his offers or stay with my boyfriend?

Recently I've noticed my co-worker (he is 23 I'm 19) he has been flirting heavily with me, hugs me whenever he gets the chance, touching my hips, I've caught him looking at my lips, and he's been getting behind me more (to get clothes from the fitting room bar) he even asked if I wanted to go to the movies with him to see the 'Addicted' movie or if I wanted to go to the bar near our job.

I told him no because I have a boyfriend who got jealous once (because he thought I was having breakfast with some random guy... the random guy was my younger brother and I brought him a big ass burger) and because I'm not old enough to drink at a bar, but I really wanted to go to the movies with this guy.

But I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 months and things haven't been great latley, I think I love him but lately he's been pushing the idea that I should have sex with 4 or 5 of his friends. I told him I have to think about it (there's no thinking because I'm not gonna do it), and we left it at that.

And now he barely responds to my texts barley answers my calls, and when he does it's hours later and he doesn't say I love you back like he used to do.

So should I go with my coworker or just stay with my boyfriend?


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  • Dump your boyfriend right this second. I mean right now. Not even for your coworker, but because he's the biggest douchebag in the world.

    Then go to the movies with this guy because he seems cool enough for now.

    • I even feel the need to reiterate again that you need to dump you boyfriend. A guy that basically ignores you, gets jealous, and wants you to sleep with his friends, has ZERO respect for you and is on the borderline of become abusive emotionally, and eventually physically.

      I'm so serious, you need to dump him.

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  • If your bf seriously asked you to have sex wih his friends... dump his ass now. Then you can clearly decide if you like your coworker

    • The reason to dump him is not because of him asking that. Plenty of people are in different types of relationships than the usual, so it's not quite fair to judge based solely on the request. The true reason to dump him is because he's acting like a child who doesn't get what he wants.

  • I dont know if you should go off with your co-worker. But your boyfriend sounds like he dosent give much of a fuck and I can't see that relationship going very far in the long-term. Better off knowing it sooner rather than later. Basically, try not to get really attached to guys until you know they're genuine (though you should give guys a chance). Asking you to have sex with 4 or 5 of his friends would generally be categorised as being "not genuine".

  • Good attempt at a troll. It wasn't as obvious.


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  • your coworker comes off like he just mainly wants to have sex.

    your boyfriend also does not respect you if he's pushing you to let his friends run a train on you

    you need to dump your boyfriend and probably be distant from your coworker. also ask yourself why you go from one shitty ass guy to the next? why not just be single until you meet a guy who respects you?

  • You sound messed up. Your bf is an idiot for suggesting it an any respectful girl would of dumped their bf by now but that dont mean get with someone you work with. he's being physical with you clearly wants sex. An what if it goes sour you have to work with him.