Trying to figure my crush out?

I broke up with my bf about 3 months ago. Since then I have been in contact with a old friend. We were never single at the same time until now. I sent him a message on fb and he repliedasking for myno and saying we must catch up soon. We started chatting via whatsapp and he told me what happened with his ex and I told himwhat happened with mine. He said that he will be in the background if I'm ever interested in taking things further and immediately invited me to a braai at his house but I declined as I was feeling very down because of my break up. I nowhave tomove my stuff out of my exes house (3 months after breaking up) and he offered to help me. I told him it's not a good idea for him to come with to my exes house but I said that I would love it if he would come a few days later and help me move stuff like my dishwasher around. He immediately agreed and said that he wanted beer and supper in return. He has also invited me to a braai with his family. What confuses me is that I'm use to guys being all over me like texting constantly etc... and he isn't. All my previous relationships started very quickly and intensely with the guys constantly texting. He does however chat when I message him but he doesn't message first. We were suppose to meet up a week ago but he had a crisis at work and had to cancel but he was very apologetic and made sure to tell me that he's told them he won't be available that weekend. His previous gf really messed him around. But he knows me I don't mess guys around. I only leave if they become abusive.


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  • he may just not be able to start a conversation or he doesn't feel like he wants to rush things or maybe he doesn't want to feel like he's being overbearing.

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