Second date, nervous! advice, tips, anything is welcome?

Hey there guys!

So today i'm really excited because i'm going in a second date, but on the other hand, i'm a bit nervous. The first date was really good, it was on Tuesday and we have some beers talked like 3 hours and he said he was excited to see me again.

So today i'm seeing him again and we're having dinner. I'm excited, but i would love to know your opinion. What tips do you have for successful second dates?

you can't really know this early but i like this guy and i suck at playing games... so i don't know how to pull it off most of the times.

thanks for your help and for reading.


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  • Why the hell do you want to play games? I think most serious guys would love a gal that does not play games. You did good the first time, just keep it up for round 2. If he didn't , like what he saw, he would not be back... excited at that! Can you get any better feedback?

    Have you already given him a taste of you? If not, decide when you will be up for it. That usually helps the bonding process between a guy and a gal... unless he is a player. If so, then he is off to the next conquest. Good luck!

    • thanks!
      but i didn't got the second part?

  • Depens on what do you want for this date, or how far do you want to go, thats the point, you have to show him what are you waiting and be prepare to show him and telling about you and what you like etc...


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