Multiple Dates... then no contact?

This guy took me to eat multiple times, had me over to watch Netflix and snuggle/make out, suprised me at work and took me out for lunch, brought me a personalized CD at work and stayed and talked to me for multiple hours, snap chats throughout the day, established that we both really like each other, had heart-to-hearts in the wee hours of the night, he even came over just at 3AM because I wanted to talk to him, and the most recent thing was helping me with a car project but ultimately failing. He said he would finish the project the next day but never contacted me or responded to me. So I went a day without contacting him. Maybe he needs space? Day after that I texted him and got one word responses until I asked when his next off day was. Now there is no contact whatsoever. No Facebook likes, no snapchats, no texts, no anything.

Is this typical of guys?
Is he butt hurt because he failed at the car project? He did say he felt inadequate that he couldn't fix it in one day. I assured him that it wasn't a big deal and that he got further than I would have alone.

I did text him multiple times without response the day after the car thing but none of them were asking him for anything. Also, I'm really independent so I have paid for pizza and a movie once. He did mention that he feels the guy should pay for things.

It's as if he unfollowed me from life.
Should I ask him what happened or just give him space? It's currently day 5 of no contact at all.


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  • Ask him what is wrong. Guys do this sometimes >.< I am sorry that this happened to you

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