Guys: what do you like in a girl?

this is just out of curiousity. but i want to know, what do guys on here find attractive in a girl? it could be behavioral, physical, dosen't matter.


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  • This is the description of my type:
    1. she must be 8 based on looks
    2. personality should be attitude free
    3. her body doesn't matter
    4. she should be kind hearted
    5. she must not be too fashionable nor old fashioned
    6. she must be able to make me smile
    7. she caring and not rude
    8. be mysterious
    9. most of all she should have beautiful eyes
    10. and also she must be able to understand my feelings without asking!!

    Weird... but this is it!!


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  • I like her to be slutty, thin, small butt, long hair, smooth complexion, loves anal, loves deepthroating, moderate sized boobs, plays video games, introverted, likes pot, dislikes alcohol, doesn't worry excessively, and doesn't want children.

  • Ok well being realistic, she has to be nice-looking to me (dosent have to be conventionally "good-looking" as such, but a nice smile goes a long way. The reality is you do need to have some kind of physical attraction).

    Apart from that, my top 3 would be:
    Sense of humour, Kindness/friendliness, Intelligence (which actually kind of ties in with sense of humour too. You need to be able to have a good rapport with them).

  • I want her to help me pay the bills and have power and for her to pull her weight and buy her own stuff

  • Loyalty regardless of circumstance, always be straight-up and truthful, good rapport, gamer, supportive during a bad emotional swing, decent to good looks, decent sexual appetite

  • Their penises, if you're not married. So don't fool yourself into fitting uncomfortable molds. The man that can love your heart, for all its hidden secrets and ugly habits won't need you to have false characteristics, they'll onl need you.

  • Beauty sincerety trustworthyness,

  • - Intellectual
    - Speaks her mind
    - Isn't a pushover
    - Works out. Not fat, neither skinny
    - Isn't texting you 5x pr day to check what you're up to
    - Likes stuff I like
    - Isn't poor (I just hate it when girls I date call stuff "expensive" that in my opinions isn't)
    - Not asking for gifts (huge turn-off)

    • Why is not asking for gifts a huge turn off?

    • Derp, I meant "asking for gifts is a turn-off". Sorry!

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