How can I tell if he still likes me? I have a boyfriend?

We dated 6 months ago, for a month. But I rekindled things with my ex so I stopped seeing him. I stopped talking to him because it was hard.

I ended up signing a lease to move in with my boyfriend. I panicked and contacted him (he knew I was with my ex), and we hung out as friends. But he cuddled with me when I stayed over (couldn't drive home). I know I should've stopped it, but I didn't and it didn't go passed that. He didn't try to kiss me or anything.

I moved in with my boyfriend, and I'm not happy. I'm trapped in a lease that even if I broke it I have no where to go. I hung out with him again at his place and watched Disney, ate pizza, etc. I didn't stay over, we didn't touch.

He was taking a long time to let me in so I texted him "should I go?" While I was waiting. Then he came and said sorry his phone was dead and didn't know I was there until he saw my car. When I was leaving he sent me a message, "no."

Did he not want me to go? Did he think I'd just sent that as I was leaving when he turned his phone on? Did I maybe just not get it until then? Or was he only kidding since he'd just gotten it?

We're making sure we're keeping lines clear (at least I am actively doing that). How can I tell if he likes me still?

I don't want to give him signals that I like him because I won't cheat, but if he did like me I'd try to find a way to end my relationship.


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  • Ohh that sounds like a toughie. He probably does still have feelings for u if he sent that. But u need to talk to your bf. Tell him you're not happy. My ex left me to be with another guy and I was crushed for months. If u can't work things out with him he at least deserves to kno face to face u wanna break up. But take a small break before u start seeing the other guy. So it doesn't look so bad u kno?

  • How about being mature about it and ending the relationship already since you're not happy.

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    • It's just hard when there's nothing inherently wrong with the relationship. It's fine, it's just not it for me.

    • Not even surprised that people aren't happy, yet choose to to stay because "nothing's wrong" and still ask about if another person is interested. Good luck.

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