Girls and guys, have you ever dated a person who is not your 'type'?

If not, do you feel like you might be excluding someone great?

I have started seeing a guy who is completely not my type. He is 35 but looks much older- he is also very quiet and reserved, but he calls and checks on me daily. I like guys who talk a lot and who are active (do things outside like walking etc.).

I feel I am seeing him only because he cares for me, not really because I like him.

Any advice?



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  • analyze yourself and whether or not you can see yourself pursuing anything with this guy. if you don't see yourself with him in a couple months, then i suggest you end it to lessen his pain when you shut off his advanced.


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  • Yup and it worked out horribly, but then again it depends on what your type is. Some people's type is something that works with who they are and some are not. I have a friend who loves preppy girls but he is not the type of guy who works well with them. I think shy nerdy girls but that works well with my personality so my type actually works when I date them.

  • I've only dated girls who are not my type :-/


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