Did anyone here meet/date someone from a dating site?

Tell me your experience!

im meeting a guy tomorrow and Im nervous ahh

what if we run out of things to say?

he's also 8 years older than me :O

he shouldn't pick me up, right? I should meet him there? Can he drop me off a my house? :)

any advice


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  • I've been on two dates with girls I met through dating websites - both times we met in public areas. You've been on other dates before, right? I'm sure think of something, there always the weather or pineapple farming or something like that to talk about. 8 years older, I guess that's not that big a gap if you're over 25, though I guess if you ended up in a relationship he might be wanting kids earlier than you do (if you do).

    • im 23, he's 31 ... hmm :)

    • How did it go?

    • it went good :) we went on 3 dates total but isn't right for me :/ He is a nice person though...

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  • Don't worry about talk, worry about your safety. Meet him in public. Stay in view of other people at all times. Don't take anything to eat or drink from him you think may be drugged. Take pepper spray. Don't take him home with you. I'd see his place first. After a few dates get him fired up then pull back and tell him no coitus right now. See how he takes disappointments. See if he respects you. If he does OK with this test, offer a handjob to finish him off. Don't leave him hanging, that is not nice... unless he is a shit, then get rid of him fast. If he does OK, you may have a keeper for FWB. Se how things go and maybe it will develop into a real love. Good luck!

  • For safety... meet in a crowded, public place during the daytime.

    Don't ride with him yet for at least this first encounter.


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  • I've met a few guys from online and it went well. Do not let him know where you live or get in a car with him the first time meeting just to be safe. In my experience the man usually leads the conversation on the first date so you shouldn't run out of things to talk about. Just show up looking pretty and don't worry about what to talk about and let him lead :) If for some reason there is an awkward silence just ask some questions about his family, sports teams he likes, etc and it should keep it moving! Good luck

  • Let people know where you are. Do not let him know where you live. Meet in public place not a secluded spot. Enjoy but be wise. No never met a guy from online I dont trust it.

  • I meet and went on a few dates with guys I meet online,
    I always meet them in a public place , some where weirdo
    but others where really cool.

    Just relax and be yourself
    Yeah he shouldn't pick you up, meet him there and make sure its in
    a Public place you know, if you guys hit it off and you feel
    comfortable with him, sure he can drop you off.

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