Should I move on does he want a relationship?

I've been dating a man for about 8 weeks. We met on an online dating site. We chatted for a while then met up. He seemed really keen and would compliment text me a lot. We went on several dates. One night we took it further and slept together it was very passionate. He stills texts me regularly but not so complimentary. I have found out that he is having financial difficulties and has to work lots of hours doing irregular shifts to earn enough money to keep his mortgage payments up do date. He did explain this to me and I do understand this. He explained that he won't be able to see me as much and he won't be able to spend money going out on dates so for the past few weeks he has been coming around to my place. We he comes over we can't keep our hands of each other but we don't always end up in bed. He literally lives around the corner from me. I see him about once every 10 days he does text me several times a day, I'm not sure if im a convenient stop gap or if he wants a relationship. Some advice would be great?

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  • You want friends with benefits OK. You want long lasting love move on.


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