Why did he ask for my number and not contact me?

This question is for a friend. This guy she knows seemed interested in her because he would stare at her and some of our friends were even saying he liked her. Well we finally got them together at a party and he was drunk and all over her, so he asked for her number, but then he didn't contact her. She text him like 2 weeks later and then he started texting her and calling her a lot.

He hasn't asked her out... but he kept asking her if she was going to be our friend's house. She said he would kinda hint around and say "What are you doing tonight?" Well it's been 2 months and they are barely talking to each other. He stopped texting and calling her. I think it's because she didn't go out with him, but she thinks it's because he wasn't interested. That is why I am asking this question lol. So why would he aks for her number but not contact her first? Why did he stop contacting her? Is it because she didn't go out with him? Or is she right when she said "He never was interested"?


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  • 'Low confidence and fear of rejection' is the answer :-)

    It took him to be drunk to ask for her number. Once in his senses no way he'd have mustered up the courage to call her.

    Even though she started texting and calling him, his confidence levels for letting her close to him which is when he fears rejection probably gets the better of him all the time.

    All the above OR he just wanted his ego / self esteem to pick up by getting her number.

    I'd go with the former though :-)

    • Yeah I was thinking that Raj! Definitely. Thank you for commenting! :)

    • How can you and I think any different :-D ;-) while the pleasure is always mine young lady :-)

    • Thank you beautiful young lady for your ever kind and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :-) a generous gesture that stands appreciated always :-)

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  • He wasn't as interested maybe. Sounds like a confused idiot. Ask her to find a new guy


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  • If her answers to him asking "what are u doing tonight" are vague... he is presuming she isn't interested in him and is moving on.

    • I guess that probably was it. I told her he was interested but she doesn't think so, but she is ridiculous. Lol. Thank you.

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    • Which is my dilemma all the time bro! Thank you.

    • Always happy to help you! ;-)

  • because he's a chicken haha

  • Just move one. The guys a bozo. Two months and he should be deeply in love and bonded with is girl. Why beat a dead penis? What is wrong with you gals. As soon as you see the guy is a loser dump him.

    • Lol, I am not too fond of him myself, but this question is for my friend, not me. Lol, I agree with you!

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