Where do you best meet potential dates?

I hate clubbing, so I don't go a lot.
But I'm also terrible at meeting guys to go out with. I get asked out maybe once a year, if at all.

I'm not shy either, I'm fairly outgoing, I was prom queen once upon a time.
But well I guess I'm just looking in the wrong places?

But I'm not sure where else to look. I love the outdoors, but I can't do anything this year due to injury. So what else is there? How do you guys get dates?


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  • Two things:

    1) Keep your eyes out for guys who interest you anywhere. Parks, malls, grocery stores, walking down the street--literally anywhere.

    2) I wrote a response to another post to show how to make it more likely guys will approach. Check out this link: https://bit.ly/1wqgYrG

    Hope that helps ;)

  • Online, and no, it's not desperate. At least you know the people you see on there are looking for dates.

    • Are there any good people my age online? I live in a moderately big college town

  • Library, school, park, mall, anywhere pretty much... lol

    • how do you meet someone in the library? You're not allowed to talk

    • Well your not allowed to do many things !!! Lol
      Act like you are mute !!! Make a game out of it !!! It's fun !!! Use sign language !!! Lol early sign language !!! Like, Me,... you,... bang !!! Lol

  • Try online dating, be careful and be choosy. Ask your friends to rec someone.

    • online dating? Are you sure it just seems kinda desperate

  • Bars, malls, parks. My three main places.

    • you're the second one to say park. How do you meet people in parks?

  • 1. Bars
    2. University
    3. Gatherings

    Pretty much places where girls have their guard down

  • Go to bookstores. That's where you meet quality people. I have met countless women at Barnes & Noble.

    • Agreed. Bars and stuff like that are great for hookups etc.

      But you said potential dates. Bookstore is a lot better for that

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