The guy I am seeing is super protective what does it mean?

So the guy I am seeing is really protective of me and I don't mind it but I don't know why he's so protective.. He's worried that I'll cuddle with other guys and when I don't update him when I get back to my house and stuff he gets really worried.. He just seems to really care and worry about me. I've never had a guy like this.. Is it weird or normal?


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  • He's worried you'll cuddle up with other guys when you don't update him of where you are?
    Kinda not normal. Like if it was one of those normal things even friends say like "call/text so I know you got home safe" when you leave them, it's more understandable, but he's not even coming at it like that.
    Not a great sign.

    • No those two r separate

    • Oh yea sorry about that, I read it differently at first.
      Yea it is normal for a guy who likes you to worry about your safety and that you got home and stuff. Some are worried about other guys when they're insecure though.
      Some guys can just pretend though, so just don't believe it all if it's only been a short time.

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  • I've heard about guys like this, but never met one.

  • The more proper word is possessive and unless you want a gatekeeper for every decision no


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  • He sounds obsessive and he's framing it as being protective.

    Huge red flag.

  • he's not protective, he's a control freak. be careful.