Worried I will never get a girlfriend?

Just a lot of walls first I'm shy and inexperienced when it comes to dating second as each year passes it seems more unlikely I'm only 23 I thought by now I would at least have one and girls I display an interest in online say let's be friends


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  • I bet the right girl is just lurking around the corner. Even if you're supposedly shy and inexperienced, girls will notice your charm and kindness. Have you tried dating sites or speed dating? Twenty-three is still pretty young.

    • Yeah but what still haunts me is some people said I bet you will be 23 and still won't have a girl well here it is I hate to say they was right but they was

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    • I will change my pic

    • Wow! I'm not saying this just to be nice but you look pretty attractive!

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  • Don't worry about it, better than being with lots of girls who don't mean anything, be patient and it will happen, just don't worry about what others think, and just start a conversation


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  • While this will be of little comfort, I can assure you that you are far from being alone. I will make a guess that you are probably a decent, educated, clean-cut young man. You certainly look respectable in your profile pix.
    I was the same when I was your age. It was not unusual for me to go more than a year between dates and before I was 30 I had only one proper relationship, which ended badly because unknown to me I was being used as a diversion so that her parents would be less likely to suspect that she was maintaining a secret relationship with a bad boy of whom they disapproved. Women do such things.
    The sad reality is that between the ages of 15 and 30 most females want the 'bad boys', the dirtbags. The mindfuck to which girls are subjected by the media tells them that the bad boys are more 'exciting'. Look at every soap opera, every show written for a young female audience. There is always the James Dean/Danny Zuko/Fonzie type of character. It is a variation on the Romeo and Juliet narrative.
    What this means is that decent young men are often sad, lonely and loveless until the girls with whom they come into contact pass through the bad boy phase and begin to look for husband material.
    Apparently, decent young men are supposed to just sit there and smile during the bad boy phase, then fall to their knees in gratitude when the females begin to look in their direction.
    You can put the odds more in your favour by working on your people skills and putting yourself in situations in which you will meet young women.
    I suggest that you read the following books: The Instant Millionaire, by Mark Fisher; People Smart; Skill With People; Awaken the Giant Within, by Anthony Robbins.
    Are you a Christian? If you do not attend church, perhaps becoming part of a congregation in your area may allow you to meet a better class of young woman.

  • I feel your pain.

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