Was he a jerk? Or am I just needing too much?

I dated a guy for 7 months and we absolutely fell in love. He was my best friend and I was his. I graduated college and have a good job. He, not so much. He was aggravated and disappointed in himself that he couldn't motivate himself and that he isn't where he should be in life. He would do nice things for me like cook me dinner, make me baths, take me to the beach and out to dinner on the weekends, listen to me when I wanted to talk about something in my life, held me when I cried and kissed me on the forehead. Told everyone he was in love all the time and shared inside jokes and tv shows together. But he constantly spoke over me, argued with everything I said, mocked my religion in front of me, put me down, never ever did anything he said he was going to do, never bought me a gift or wrote me a love letter, I told him I loved flowers and his response was "I don't buy flowers". And only cared about himself in bed, and took advantage of my kindness and generosity. He made me feel alone a lot of the time too.

I wrote him love letters, I picked him flowers, I bought him breakfast and made him tea and cookies always. Folded his laundry and helped with the animals and his sibling. Was always kind and included him in everything. Was very giving in bed and all around "the best girlfriend he has ever had."

Was he just a jerk?


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  • I don't think we was a jerk, nor you. You two just drifted apart. It happens sometimes,


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  • I think you just had diferent ways of expresing your love thats all, he was diferent from you but I think he loved you and you loved him back, but those things happens Love is not the only thing you need to make things work.

    • Should i try to talk to him? We broke up a month ago and I haven't heard from him :/

    • I say just leave it like that, he will not change nor you so is better for you two to look for someone that fits your needs

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