Did not show up on our last date then not contact me for one week. time to move on?

we meet last Friday and he stayed over. supposed to meet me next day on Sat for a exhibition. But he couldn't make it.
he said sorry and ask me not mad.
of course i m not happy. i said ok.
then he disappeared. no call or no text. did not do anything. I know he will text me back if i do it first. But i m not happy he cancel our date so i don't want to.
I feel he won't contact me if I don't do it first
dated for four month no exclusive talk. did not meet friend or family.
so time to move on?

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  • Move on, he more than likely wanted a one night stand and didn't have the vagina to let you know that. I chose vagina on purpose because the term get a pair of balls is technically incorrect since balls are a lot more sensitive and fragile than a vagina.

    • We dated for 4 month. and he was very sweet and nice when we meet. surprise me with gift, told me all his schedule. He was the one initiate all the date on the first three months. some of my guy friend think he might just get too confutable. But i feel he may not interest anymore when i m not see him

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    • The more you try to understand the more emotional energy you waste. Do what you will but I say let it go. Why would you want to be with someone who stands you up like that. ife is too short, keep your dignity.

    • Thanks for the MHO~

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  • If they're doing this when you're just dating, imagine what it could be like if you're official? Not hearing from them for long periods, being stood up... and he won't even contact you first?

    Move on. You are owed an apology and you aren't even getting that.

  • call him or talk to him first figure what the situation is and take action form there because there's possibility that he think that you had already lost interest in him

    • I planed our date for weeks and told him one week ago. I don't think he will make that assumption every time we meet he so sweet and nice. but if we don't meet feels like that was just something my brain imagined

    • its not fair to him if he's a nice guy that you break up with he without any solid reason

    • I just noticed your age. Maybe for younger people , confronting is better idea. for older. things just happen and we all know

  • Call him first and figure out what was d reason 4 him not show up

  • Before you move on text him and tell him you may be pregnant and if and when he responds make him wait on you


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