Going away for guy friend's birthday?

A guy who I was close with ages ago and we didn't talk for years recently started talking again a bit a few months ago.
We've only met up twice since and have barely talked to be honest. His mom has invited my family and I to stay at his holiday place for his birthday. He has no other friends going and I feel that I could be putting myself in an uncomfortable position, meeting his parents again and everything. I'm not sure if I should go or not.


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  • If you want to be friends with him again, want to rekindle the friendship... it'd probably be best to go, celebrate his birthday with him and his family.
    If you're not sure about rekindling, or if you think it'd just be TOO uncomfortable, don't go. If you still want to be friends, at least in some way, maybe suggest going out for his birthday when he gets back, you and him and the rest of his friends.

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