He fell in love with a guy? urgent?

If a person relates himself a lot with a tragic character from a book or a movie and actually falls in love with the character, what does that mean?

I have a friend who is a television actor and he played the role of a tragic character who was humiliated shunned and had to struggle all his life. Eventually he died. He was dumped by his parents & raised by adoptive parents.

My friend was not much fascinated by this character initially but slowly je developed an intense liking towards the character

To such an extent that he was incredibly upset while shooting his death sequence and also was unhappy that he had to leave this character.
It took. him at least 4-5 days to come out of this shell.

Even today he says he will always remember he played this role and he will keep inspiring him.

What does this mean? My friend has some pain in his life. He does nt tell but I know that he has suffered some miseries.


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  • Many actors approach characters as separate people who simply happen to be fictional. Patrick Stewart has spoken of his admiration for Jean-Luc Picard's decisive confidence, and has sought to cultivate those qualities within himself.

    And, just as some people lose themselves in a relationship, actors, too, can lose themselves in the "relationship" they have with this fictional person. The Welsh bodybuilder who played Darth Vader began to believe he really WAS Vader. (Extreme example.)

    Fictional characters can, dare I say, SHOULD evoke a reaction.

    Things like this can happen. The death of a character can elicit an actual mourning response from our brains. So the 4 days or so to mourn this person is not unreasonable to my mind.

    Don't worry, he's probably not crazy, just an actor!


  • He should be fascinated with his girl and not a fictional guy.


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