A question about 'nice guys'?

So I was just watching the Mask (Jim Carey), and thinking that the Stanley (Carey's character) is the stereotypical 'nice guy'. My question is, should guys like the character try to act like he did while wearing the mask?

To clarify, I'm talking about 'nice guys' not just guys that are literally nice.


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  • I don't remember that movie. don't take dating advice from a jim carrey movie

    • Not advice from a movie, more a question spawned by watching it...

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  • Unfortunately, you should act that way (more often than not) if you want to have opportunities with women. Women automatically assume that nice guys are boring too, for reasons best known to them.

    • You have seen it?

    • I have only watched it way back when i was a kid, so i don't remember it well. But I do remember 'The Mask' animated series, so I get an idea of what you mean.

    • Okay, thanks.

  • Your conclusion is being nice guy is far away from getting a good end?

    • No, I'm talking about 'nice guys' not just guys that are literally nice.

    • How do you know its nice if you didn't see its bad before?

    • What are you talking about?

  • One of my favorite movies. Anyways, what's your basis for distinction?