What to do after terrible homecoming night?

I asked this girl I really like to homecoming (our school doesn't have a dance after), we have been out a few times (which have all gone great), but it went terribly, as we couldn't see each other or take pictures before the game (she had to sing the national anthem with choir), during she mostly just talked to her friends, and after she ended up riding to an after party with her friend as all of her stuff was in her car, then at the after party she pretty much ignored me to be with her friends. She then had to leave early because her mom didn't know how late she would be out and wanted her home immediately, so i was walking her to the door and she just told me "OK goodnight" and just left. Once she got home she texted me thanking me for everything and said i was an awesome date, and that she hoped I had fun (which I quite frankly did NOT). I replied thanks for being my date, and that we should see each other again sometime. What should I do the next time I see her, should not I keep asking her out?


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  • Don't ask her out again she's not worth it.


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