Guys/girls: break up?

GUYS/GIRLS: what are some worse habits your partner has had in the past that made you break up with them or want to break up with them?

Pet peeves? Bad habits? Turn-offs?


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  • I've never ended the relationship (it was either mutual or I got dumped), but I know some pet peeves were...

    Bad texting/calling habits - Ignoring me, delayed responses, flooding my phone with texts/calls even when they knew I was busy

    Not making the moves - I had to make most or all of the moves in most of my relationships, it would've been nice to feel more wanted

    Not sexually compatible - I always wanted more

    Hygiene and general cleanliness - I'm no clean freak, but I'm not a slob either and a few of the men I dated were just... nasty (their homes), haha


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