Would 4 wheeling in a Jeep be a good first date?

I've been flirting with this girl at work lately. We chat a lot in between shifts and I have gotten to know her a lot better than all the rest of my co-workers. She told me she really likes taking her Jeep off-road. I have a 4x4 vehicle as well. I want to ask for her number and set up a date. She will be in at work with me later this evening, but I'm nervous.


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  • I wouldn't want to do that on a first date. But at some point yes, that would be fun.

    • Well, do you like going 4-wheeling? This girl seems to be really big into it, and I'm wondering if it's a good idea because it's something she likes doing and we talk about those kinds of things.

    • Yes I do, but I wouldn't want that for a first date. I would rather go somewhere low key where I could get to know the person on a different level than working. You can't really have a good convo while doing that. But it would be a fun 2nd or 3rd date. But if you think she would love it, then go for it.

  • That'd be awesome, and really different to what other guys would do.


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