Was that just an excuse to call me?

So my ex called me tonight, and I didn't answer. So I became curious to what he wanted, so I called him back and the conversation was really short but he was going to ask me if I can watch his dog for the weekend, but he is going to have his auntie do it. now was that necessary? for him to call me and tell me that. He called at 12:30am and it is still early in the week. Was that just an excuse to talk to me?

Also, after we hung up...I texted him a little after telling him that it is best we don't not talk anymore and to loose all contact from each other. He called after I sent the text, but I didn't answer.


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  • Okay we have spoken about this-remember I said when you sent him packing he will be back,begging you,wanting to be friends and finding any excuse? This is what I ment.

    Be logical here why would he call you if he'd already found someone to look after the dog? At 12.30 am? Please.

    You already know this that is why you are asking but you have got to learn to listen to yourself and your instincts.

    It was,imo,just a excuse yes,to see if he calld you would stand strong and no call him back,when you did he probley thought of an excuse to justify it.

    Of corse I don't know this man (little boy),but I know enough from what you have already told me.

    Its obvious.

    And besides who cares if it is an excuse or if he really wanted you to watch the dog? You made your mind up and decided to get rid,right? So it doesn't matter.

    Honestly I would change your number or something mate because after what you told me,you don't want to walk away from this guy you want to put your nikes on and run.

    Stay strong,as I told you yo can do soooo much better ;o)


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  • Well he may or may not have any intentions in asking you.

    But as it appears this doesn't matter since you have made up your mind . Since now you mentioned this "hard words" to him, just skip contact and see if his actions change.

    There's just no need to worry about this if you got no interest at him ;)


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