How can I tell if he's not into me?

I've knew this guy for quite a long time
liked him but wasn't over my ex therefore he never said a thing about his feelings
when he made sure my ex is out of the picture
he told me the sweetest things and when I asked why now? why not before he said you were attached ,, thought it's fair enough

went out with him two days ago and he kissed me
from my side, i didn't feel it the way i felt it with my ex
but i still want this guy so I don't care if the ex didn't move me other than the kiss i've been moved inside..

but the problem is him now
he's acting weird and when i asked he said nothing
and i really hate when someone isn't honest with me
it takes a lot from me to accept people
and i made it easy for him
and I'm not the kind who talks about her feelings
yet I talked and i told him how i feel about us

if he doesn't want me then why wouldn't he just say it
instead of not caring or asking
if he regrets this then we can always go back to just friends

what are the signs i can tell that he doesn't want it?

he's a good guy and i know that and this iss the only reason why i didn't just block him out of my life..


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  • If you ask that question that means he's not into you... Simple

    • not helpful, give me facts on when a guy does that or that..

    • Unfortunately we don't have a least helpful opinion !!! Lol
      Any ways, my experience, trust me or not, if you ask that question almost 90 percent of the time it means he is not... Cause your instinct or sixth sense kinda knows it because he has shown some signs of it... I can't write that much about how a guy is not interested and what not cause every guy is different, so id have to write 10 pages here !!! Which I won't... Sorry !!! Good luck.

    • All those things you wrote up there are a few signs that your looking for...

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