Does he see me as girlfriend material or a fun time girl..?

I have been on a few dates with a guy. On our second date we spent a total of 10 hours together just out and about getting to know each other. We slept together on out 3rd date, Some might say I put out to early but it felt right! We spent the next morning in each others arms, and still talk everyday since then and plan to meet up and go to the cinema. My question is do you think he sees me as Girlfriend material or just a fun time girl?


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  • If he is taking you and spending time with you after sex, he is considering you as a Girlfriend in most cases. If it is just sex, most guys would not take you out and spend time with you. they will just only want to see you for sex. I think he likes you and yes it was early but at least you didn't give it up the first night. That's the night the guys look at the most-first date sex is worse than 3rd date sex. I mean if he can see you soemtimes without having to have sex, then its not all about that. he can just be content taking you out and being with you and not having to have to jump your bones every time he sees you. Nothing wrong with that but its nice sometimes to just lay next to someone you really like and just go to sleep.