Was this a date or not? Does he like me?

So there's this guy that I recently started talking to who I hadn't seen for years. He suggested we met up and a couple of weeks later we did.

I don't know whether he considered it was a date, and I don't know if he even does like me or not, though my gut tells me he does. He used to when we were teenagers even though I couldn't see him as we didn't live near each other.
So when we met up we didn't have a specific plan or anything, we ended up walking back to his house and just chilling there.

Stuff he did:
He was being fairly touchy, like he touched my knee for something small, and he kept grabbing my wrist to get me to feel this fluffy blanket thingy. He was being a gentleman by opening doors for me. He was saying stuff about how he wanted to impress me, hoped I didn't think he was boring and complaining about being single. He also like awkwardly hugged me as we were walking along joking about how he was gonna protect me. He got really nervous towards the end and didn't say much and I was thinking that maybe he was thinking about kissing me.

He has been constantly texting me and stuff. I wanna know if he does like me or if its just cos we were old friends and maybe he's a touchy person idk. I don't know how I feel 100% so wanna know so I don't lead him on, or get my hopes up if I end up falling for him.

Help meee please :)

Can anyone else help me? :)
anyone? :)


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  • He definetly has feelings for you. He wants to impress you and make you feel good, which is a clear sign of him liking you.

    • as a guy, how would you want a girl to show they liked you back? since i'm not 100% he does like me I don't wanna be too blatant

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    • Comment/message me if you need anymore help :P

    • Okay, thank you :)

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  • He likes you

    • Do you think?

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    • Since I´m a amature stand-up comedian that´s a good news for me that I made you laugh :) No problem , and all the best.

    • haha good luck being a comedian! :)

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  • It sounds like he likes you but is a bit shy :)

    • is there anything I can do to show I like him? I'm not the best at giving out positive signals haha

    • Are you sure that you like him then? In your question it sounded like you were a bit unsure :) If you want to give him a hint you can try to sit close to him (like leg touching leg close), try to keep eyecontact for a longer time when you talk etc. and smile a lot. When he gives you a hug, or when you give him one, try to keep the hug for a few seconds longer than a normal friendhug. Also look at him and smile as you end the hug :) These are some things that I normally do when I want to show interest, hope you'll find something useful!

    • no im not 100% sure I do, but i'm always like this with guys. sometimes I think it's more because I'm a bit scared of commitment in general. So I figured I should probably give him a chance and see this time. Thank you that's helpful :)