I went out with someone to find out how I feel, now I'm even more confused?

I'll start with some background. I have a male friend who introduced me and a friend of his when we casually went to the movies together with him and his girlfriend as a group. Usually I have a good instinct regarding the guys I like, but in this case he was very quiet and I returned very confused from this evening. Two days later he started messaging me, we texted for a while, he was very funny and we decided to meet up (which he himself defined as NOT a date). We had a good time, talked a lot, the conversation was flowing and time flew by. As he dropped me off in the end of the evening I said something along the lines of "Thanks, I had a great time. I guess we'll talk later." And he asked "Do I get a goodnight kiss?" It felt really awkward (and somewhat ridiculous) but I kissed him on the cheek and said goodnight. Just to be honest, if he would make the move and lean to kiss me I would have probably kissed him back. But the whole evening I was more reserved than usual, and we just met and started getting to know each other. It just didn't feel right although I liked him and now it feels like I didn't do the right thing, I don't even know why.

Another side of the story is my best friend who just came back from a long trip after we didn't see each other for a few months and it feels like he likes me as more than a friend ever since but he's too shy (I think I might like him back but I don't want to make things awkward). If he doesn't like me I'll probably be ok with it but not knowing drives me CRAZY. It could also be a reason I was so reserved. I kept thinking I don't want to date someone new before I find out. It was in the way.

Now I'm even more confused. Did I ruin everything with the first guy and will he take it as a "not interested" sign, and completely back off?
Should I give it another chance and meet him again? (That will probably have to be my initiative now, right?)
Should I talk to my friend first and ask him how he feels?
Thanks for your help!


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  • Wow , that was a confusing read... First of all , figure out which one you like. The guy you went on a "date" likes you , the second guy... you just wright you gut feeling so , no idea. But figure out which one you like first , then make a move.


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