Friend zoned by a girl that used to like me a lot!

I just started college in August (Im a freshman) and I just got out of a 9 month relationship and wanted to be single for a bit. I met this really pretty girl the first night and knew she was special. We started hanging out and we eventually hooked up. She really liked me and wanted to date, and that was a huge turnoff. I was hooking up with different girls and now she joined a sorority and then I felt like she became distant towards and me. I don't know why but her not wanting me made me desire her. I then told her that I fucked up and that I was sorry but she said "its fine but the feelings are not the same"... now I'm totally kicking myself in the a**! She will snapchat me drunk saying like "I like you" and a lot more willing to talk to me when she is drinking. When she is sober she either is super nice or she comes off as she doesn't want to deal with me. How should I get her back? I know this time around I wouldn't fuck it up and I'd give it a good try. Should I give her space?


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  • You only want her because she doesn't want you. Maybe you should go for someone who you want from the beginning.

    • I did want her just not a girlfriend...

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  • Respect her decision if she says no since she respected yours and stayed away from you back then.


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  • "She really liked me and wanted to date, and that was a huge turnoff."

    • at the time I didn't want to date at all :( I screwed up...