I went to visit my ex-boyfriend last week in his city. He took me site seeing, watch a movie and dinner?

He paid for everything, including my bus fair. At the end of the night (after a 12 hour day spent together and we both had a good time). He walked me back to the hotel lobby. He said he had a great time seeing me again and really had fun that day. Then I gave him a hug, he hug back and kissed me on the lips.

Given the context (that he knows that I was there to get some answers and possibly wanting to start things again), what do you think about the situation?


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  • Seems like he was trying to start things again. but before we get ahead of ourselves...
    --what were the circumstances of the break up?
    --who initiated the visit?
    there may be more questions but that is a starting point to determine the future of this restart.

    • He broke up with me due to long distance and he said he felt like something was missing from our dates. We only went out for a few times before that.

      I initiated the visit to try to get some answers and closure as the relationship ended very abruptly.

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    • Thanks so much for your answer, just want to clarify something.

      1) What do you mean "Its easier chances"?/

      2) Do you mean he made the right call to broke up with me because of those reasons? And that he will for sure hurt me again if we continue to see each other?

      Just want to be clear. Thanks.

    • 1) easier chances because you already have feelings towards me, so there's no need to butter you up to get my selfish desires satisfied.
      2) He made the right call by:
      --telling you that something was missing
      --understanding that most LDR's end in break up
      Seems like this guy didn't want to end up hurting you more in the future so he made an immediate call. thats rare. some guys would just list you as available and date another wherever they are.
      the break up didn't mean he doesn't like you anymore, it meant, "I'm probably going to hurt her if we keep dating so its better to end it now". You going to him probably rekindled his emotions for you thats why he kissed you, but don't let it rekindle the relationship. the first thought was right.

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  • He's a gentleman to treat you so well. He's left the ball in your court by showing you a good, respectful, fun time.

    • more like put her in a dilemma. now she's going to be unsure because the guy that broke up abruptly, just showed her a good time. she's going to be in
      "he loves me, he loves me not" mode. thats a bitch lol

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    • you can just friend-zone him... nothing wrong with that. he did break up with you... but if ejection makes you feel better... go for it.
      also.. this little plan you've got going on... it worries me a bit... message me.. let me show you whats wrong with that plan you have.

    • Put her in a dilemma? Asker, you said you were considering starting things again. He's just made that decision harder for you.

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  • Sounds like he's a mature fellow to be able. to take you despite that you both are exes

  • Well he still didn't ask you to be his girl so assume it was just that a night out

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