Do you say taking it slow as a friend?

My ex boyfriend wants to take things slow. Not sure if he meant as friends or together. He phones me everyday. I told him not to contact me and his flirty voice says he can't cuz he's like a leach. He misses the family. He told my mom on the phone that I am a sweetheart.


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  • If he wanted to stay friends he would've said so. I interpret taking it slow as he has plans to get get together with you again. Every couple has fights now and then, getting over them is what characterises a serious relationship.

    If you don't want to keep in touch with him, then just ignore him, and tell you're not interested anymore.

    • He is in rebound relationship, he never told me that but I know. He's not interested in a women who has a kid with someone else. He wouldn't be contacting me period if he was really interested in her?

  • he is an ex for a reason
    what i am trying to say is tell him to let you be for a while so you can figure stuff out
    and if he still won't leave you alone tell him if you keep going like this i will call the cops for stalking me

    • We broke up three months ago and I don't want to lose what we used to have. I don't mind him contacting. I want us to work out.

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