Should I be freaking out? would his parents hate me for this?

last night I went to a friend's bday and finished all the drinks she mixed me since she was the bday girl and got more drunk than I expected. So I split a cab with my boyfriend and another couple and a girl we are all friends with. Anyways it ended up that my stop would have to be last meaning I'd have to ride alone with the cab driver which honestly scared me. I have had friends get harassed and molested by cab drivers so yeah I was not into that idea. so my boyfriend told me to come to his house since his room is in the basement and just sleep. But his dad walked down in the morning and saw us sleeping and went to work and got my boyfriend's mom to call his cell saying I had to leave because he was supposed to look after his little sis and her friend who had slept over and me being there looks bad to the other girl's parents I guess. So I left before the girls woke up and his parents loved me and now I feel like I ruined everything in one go. But now his mom invited me to come over tomorrow to carve pumpkins but I feel so awkward about it. His dad did let me stay over once before because we had a bonfire and he kept us up talking until 2am so he just said I could stay but I still feel so bad. It's not like we'd do anything questionable and we just cuddled but what do I do if I go there tomorrow? do I pretend it didn't happen? do I bring it up and apologize? do I explain I was scared to be alone in the cab? I mean I'm only 19 but I honestly think I will end up marrying this boy one day so his parents HAVE to like me and we were planning on moving in together next year for Uni. I don't want them to feel like I'm corrupting their son, I just want to be with him all the time and he just wants to be with me all the time and I didn't mean to intrude or annoy anyone !! We just have a hard time separating ourselves we want to be together all the time :(


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  • I don't think they hate you for staying the night. But if you want to, just explain why, and try not to sound like you're trying to cover something up. They sound cool, and will understand how you'd rather cuddle with their son then be molested by a cab driver.


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  • I think you will be fine, if something was wrong they would already had a conversation with you the next day.. best lucks anyways


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