Does he like me? Help!

Ok so I'm a freshman in high school! This guy is in a couple of my classes!

So he sits to the left of me in one class. And today he started like leaning closer to me and shifting his body weight. Age he always tries to talk to me and make comments with me.

In another class he close to be partners with me. He sat right next to me and kept talking to me and laughing over dramatically.

In another class we had a small group activity. He was in my group and he was siting by me. And then he starts staring right at me when he was like 2 feet away! His eyes were dead fixed on me and he wouldn't look away! It was so freakin weird and creepy😂😂 and in like all my classes he will find a way to stare at me weirdly

And then in a class he was like to me, " I need you sweater girl! Give me it now!"

Well do you think he likes me or what?


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  • I honestly can't take you serious here. I want to call you a troll, because there is no way in hell a 9th grader types like that... just sayin.

    • I'm in honors English so I know how to speak and type well. Don't judge based on that seriously. Some of us are actually smart!

    • Just because you're in Honors English, it doesn't mean you're doing well. Heck, I'm in Honors English too and my typing is no where near what yours looks like. Also I never called you dumb.

      But even so I'll still answer your question. He wants to get to know you and may think you're cute considering he stares at you a lot. I'd suggest just talking to him for a while to get to know him back. If you really want to find out if he likes you a lot faster then just ask him if he likes you, that's one of the most straightforward approaches that you can take to this.

    • Ok thanks and thanks for answering my question! Xoxoxo

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