I wonder whats going on with her. Warning, long!

I've been in a long distance relationship with a girl for five months, and so far things were going good for us. We have a lot in common, and share some of the same goals.

We both still live at home at the moment, so we both agreed to take things slow. We both reached an agreement that in about a year we would meet, that way it gave us some time to start getting on our feet. (job, school etc.) Though I had never met her face to face I was really feeling this girl, we would Skype almost every other night, and chat.

She made me feel special. However now I am starting to notice some really RED flags. About a week ago I found a job, and I was excited. When I was told the news, she was "away" at a friend's house to be in some "church" video. So i waited eagerly, even sending her a message to comeback to about it. But something deep in the back of my head told me something was wrong.

When she got home and saw my message, she didn't even reply to it. . Yet I saw her making statuses, she didn't even bring it up until I had to mention it again via instant messenger. Even then she didn't seem too thrilled, and brushed it off.
She told me that she hopes she gets a job too, but none of the reasons she mentioned were to see me. It hurt my feelings, because I thought she would be happy that I was saving to see her down the line. Then after noticing she hurt my feelings played it off like she was excited.
Even still I didn't want her to feel down about not being hired yet, So I encouraged her saying that we've got time, and ill wait until she gets on her feet as well. It seemed like it worked, but after that she became even more distant.

We don't talk much anymore, and recently she's been doing these "church" videos for her friends mom. The same friend who she gets drunk with almost ever weekend.- Not to mention all the mind games she's been playing recently. Leaving questionable statuses and w/e. Im just confused, am I wasting my time?


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  • I think you are wasting your time. Communication is big especially in long distance relationships. A LDR can't be a one way thing, it works both ways and you seem to be the only one serious about it.

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