How to get with the girl I really like?

So there's this girl in one of my classes who I find very pretty, and honestly like her. The only problem is, I am very shy. Although I am very well built, have a great dress sense, a British accent and all of that, that doesn't change the fact that I M so shy I can't even make eye contact with her for 2 seconds when she asks me something.

I guess one of the main things im scared of is rejection. I am not ugly at all, but I have been rejected every time I try, and I just find it sad and embarassing. It also doesn't help that she's considered one of those "top class girls" at my school, but suprisingly doesn't act like a spoiled brat (like the rest)

Here's the thing: When a girl turns around and talks to me, I am completely fine. Although im shaking inside, I do not show that in any way. The main problem I have is approachi girls, because I am shy, and scared of rejection.

Can anyone give me some advice? If so I really appreciate it.



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  • There will be risks to everything~ It's not a bad thing to be afraid of rejection- heck everyone is. But if you don't step up, then you'll probably regret later on for not. Really, if a guy asks a girl to coffee or dinner, she'll take it as a compliment. It's highly unlikely for her to say "no," unless she has no clue who you are. Start with casual conversations, and when you are on the "greet each other when you pass each other" basis, then maybe ask her out for a date! Just take things slowly and don't rush her! :)

  • The way to get over your shyness is to build up your confidence. I'm also shy and I found that this helps me out a lot :)


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