Guys, are these major red flags?

I met this girl who seems cool and she is showing me signs that she is interested and I'm thinking about asking her out but there were some things about her that is making my gut give me a weird feeling:

She is single but:
She has a lot of guy friends
She has a guy as a roommate
She has a guy best friend
She is friends and still hangs out with her ex husband (he even helped her move her stuff into her new place)
She is always on her phone texting guys
Always on Facebook
She even told me she has a friend with benefit on the side which makes me wonder if I could trust because she is ok with sleeping with one of her guy friends.

Are these major red flags or should I ask her out?


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  • This girl seems fishy. It sounds like she always has to have a guy around to interact with her and be there with her, always has to have that constant presence of companionship. Is she insecure? Or does she have other issues relating to men that you know of?

    • I haven't seem signs of insecurity, she carries herself like a down to earth sweet gal that isn't into keeping up with the trend Etc and that's what I like... But she is drop dead beautiful so I can see why she had all of these guys around I'm pretty sure a lot of those guys like her. Not sure what's up with her being friends with her ex... She said they get along nothing to worry about and he would like me.

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    • Lol don't say sorry I was thinking it is weird too to meet the ex. Gag

    • I'd tread very very lightly for a long long long long time.

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  • She may just have a lot of guy friends and don't relate to girls well and everyone likes sex so that could be the reason for the friends with benefits

    • I love sex but i don't agree with friends w benefits I've tried it a few times and in my opinion for people who constantly need companionship and can't be independent and is used to fill that void until something better comes along... Sex is so much better w someone you have a real connection with.

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    • I just don't think it's fair say I want to date someone and I make sure I have a clean plate to prevent any problems and if it works out it allow feelings to truly blossom. If the person I'm dating had a friends with benefits then it's not fair to me because she can't fully blossom since she is also invested in another guy. The companionship and sex is preventing or slowing down what could be true love...

    • Well don't beat around the bush make it plain and simple. Be direct. woman like that. In this day and age we are tired of games. so just hint around to see if she really likes you or not and if she does then say that what you're looking out of a woman.

  • I wouldn't waste your time

    • I just have a gut feeling she likes guy attention and that's a headache I've went down that path.

    • Yea do you really want to constantly worry about Her with the friends with benefits

  • I'd run, run far and fast. She's trouble don't even bother.

    • The Force foresees there will be a lot of fighting with her trying to justify her guy friends...

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    • Sounds like a weekly special at a local restaurant lol. I actually recall hooking up with a girl and she took me to meet her family and her cousin said oh is this the flavor of the week... I didn't at the time figure it out until she cheated on me lol

    • Hahaha I know. I only have her as a friend cuz her stories are interesting.
      Oh no!! Some girls are just bitches. And you wanna ask this one out man you just asking for problems.

  • If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck... its a duck!


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  • Yeah those are a lot of red flags. Maybe see if she'll be friends with benefits with you but I wouldn't want to seriously date her. Seems kinda risky imo.

    • I'm thinking the same thing, I've had a gf who had a lot of guy friends and learned over time she lied about how many guys she slept with and she even cheated...

  • friends with benefits or look elsewhere.

  • She seems to value guys' attention more than you're usual girl. I'd be cautious

    • She got some new stuffed frog and I said hey that's cool and she said ya her best friend gave it to her aka male. Made me feel funny I wouldn't give my home boy a random gift :/

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    • Lmao. " that's really sweet of you bro"

    • That's why I'm not sure if I should pursue this one lol