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Okay so I went on my first date last weekend, and i felt like i dropped the ball because I was so nervous and shy, I could barely keep eye contact for longer than a minute. It was kind of quiet he didn't really talk much and when I managed to ask him questions he gave short answers. I want to know what you guys think! Did he get bored because I was nervous and shy or what?


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  • What'd u guys do? Most likely he was scared too so don't worry. Just make sure he knows you want a 2nd date

    • He came up to visit the campusbut he didn't tell me he brought his brother along but he was visiting because he is transferring here next year, I gave him a tour of the campus then he met up with his friend he was staying with for the weekend (his friend goes here) and then my friend tagged along we went to get pizza and all three of the guys were quiet my friend she is very out going and was trying to talk to his brother and his friends and they all were giving short answers so what ended up happening is I mainly talked with my friend trying also to get my date involved but him and his brother were talking to each other most of the time and after pizza they needed to shop for food so I told him text me later if you want to see the movie on campus his brother didn't want to so he said no. But he did invite me to come hang out with him and his brother and his friend they were playing ping pong and basically ignored me. But later he texted me saying sorry we didn't hang out much if my

    • (continuing the first part) he said if his brother wasn't there we could have hung out more.

    • Then you're okay. Just do something, just the two of you next timw.

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  • He was just as terrified as you were.


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